“Help Wanted” ads and trusting your gut

I hear you—hiring is the #1 problem for many of you out there! Here are a few more thoughts about the best ways to tackle this issue.

“Help Wanted” ads and trusting your gut

Write a great “Help Wanted” ad. 

Think about what would attract you to the job and write about that. Do you offer great benefits? An extremely competitive wage? Flexible hours? Healthcare? Write a compelling ad that attracts the kind of people you want to hire and retain. Just like marketing to customers, you are marketing to the best employees. Don’t lead with a long list of rules and qualifications.

Keep your “Help Wanted” ad running online, always. 

There are several places you should consider placing your ad, including Craigslist and Indeed. Keep in mind that you pay for the listing on Craigslist but you’re charged for every click on your Indeed post. So you’ll want to tailor your ads accordingly. Be very specific with your Indeed post so that you don’t pay for people who won’t end up applying for your job.

Trust but verify.

It’s always good to trust your gut, but don’t stop there when you interview a great candidate. When you meet with candidates, you instinctively get a good feel for their trustworthiness, don’t settle for anyone you are uncomfortable with just because you are short-handed and need to hire fast. If someone doesn’t quite feel right, it’s best to trust your spidey-senses and pass on them. But, if someone seems like the perfect candidate, don’t assume they are. Always run a criminal background check and verify job references before the final hiring decision is made.

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